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Hello and welcome to our mid life crisis. We are two thirty something blokes with a love of motorcycles and wide open spaces. This blog not only follows our four week trip into the unknown but also contains information and links on how we set up our bikes for the trip. Hopefully our story not only inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and do something mad and liberating but also gives you a bit of a laugh.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sydney to Jamberoo

So I'm almost two weeks into my second mid life crisis on a budget and I've only been on the KLR for twos days. Time for some riding! I got back into Sydney around 10am and headed straight back to Pott's Point to pick up the bike. She'd survived a week parked on the means streets of Sydney but it's no place for an adventure tourer.

Victoria's parents Maria and Peter live a couple of hours drive south of Sydney in Jamberoo and they insisted I stroll down with the Victoria and Wazza and spend the night down there before heading south. It actually worked out well considering how tired I was and the ride tuned out to be epic. After following Wazza and Victoria's swanky Volvo SUV through the city I peeled off to explore the Royal National Park. Perfect day for a ride and because it was mid week pretty quiet. Great road for a ride to, twisty, turny and great views between the bush and the beaches.
The KLR in the Park
Where is my surfboard!

And then over the last hill there was the elevated highway!
I'm headed there!
A really great ride even though it only lasted a couple of hours. Really laid back riding even with a fully loaded bike. I turned inland just north of Wollongong and headed for Jamberoo swapping the bush and beaches for rolling hills and farmland. I managed to pull into the Rose's homestead just in time for afternoon drinks.

The rolling hills of Jamberoo
Pete's rather amazing garden

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