Who, Why and When

Hello and welcome to our mid life crisis. We are two thirty something blokes with a love of motorcycles and wide open spaces. This blog not only follows our four week trip into the unknown but also contains information and links on how we set up our bikes for the trip. Hopefully our story not only inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and do something mad and liberating but also gives you a bit of a laugh.

Cheers Mike and Rod

Tonys 2010 Dyna Glide

It wouldn't be a mid life Crisis without a Harley would it?

Tony's a good friend and another bike nut. In fact Tony's an inspiration. In the not to distant past he's rode adventure bikes through Southern Africa and Oz as well as sending his fireblade around Barbegello raceway at insane speeds.  Nowdays Tony's a bit more laid back on his 2010 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide (soon to be custom).

Now Tony's adventure days are over (maybe) but we had to spend at least one day of the crisis with him. So Tony's riding with us on the first day from Perth to Mt Magnet. Unfortunately though niether the KLR of CRF will be able to keep up with him once he enagaes 6th gear!