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Friday, July 18, 2014

The DishMLCOAB 2 - Maroochydore to Canberra

Well I finally got around to the second MLCOAB. Unfortunately I didn't update the blog on the way around but I did get manage to take a few photos.

So after fitting the new front mudguard, buying a tankbag and most importantly buying a three leg camping stool (the one thing I really missed in the outback!) I shipped the bike from Perth to the Sunshine Coast.

There are quite a few companies who specialise in door to door delivery. Great service but it cost me just over a $1000 which I thought was a bit steep but seemed to be the going rate. I flew over just in time for Christmas with the in laws and spent a week chilling out by the beach. The wife and I even took the KLR for a spin up to Noosa for a coffee. Parked her right in between two Harleys (a Road King and a Softtail) but forgot to take a photo!

I took off south on the day after Boxing Day. Very hot and humid until I got South of the boarder into NSW. And the roadworks, bah continuous roadworks! I was pretty buggered by the time I got to Coffs Harbour that night. A log ride and very start stop!

I got an early start and had a marathon day riding all the way from Coff's to Canberra. I was in a hurry so I could spend a few days in Canberra with my good friends Ron and Ali before hoofing it back to Sydney in time for New Years. I learnt an important lesson on the way...... 7 Eleven coffee and Krispy Creme donuts are a great cure for monkey butt! Great ride, especially through the Blue Mountains north of Sydney. However it was still pretty hot and the KLR was burning a bit of oil, the first time she's ever done that!

Had a great couple of days in Canberra, checking out the money pit, sorry parliament and geeking out at the Tidbinbilla radio telescope.

The dish, well a dish, sort of not to scale

If only it could be like this all of the time!
I wasn't allowed to ride the KLR up on the roof! Isn't this what I pay my taxes for.

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